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Best in class Data Science Training Course!

Data science is a combination of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and many other methods to understand and analyse the data to get valuable insights.

Data Science Course by Quality Software Technologies

Our course covers the basis to advance of both these technologies Python and Data science. The study materials are also prepared according to the syllabus and are updated often to improvise and to include the latest developments.

We have selected the trainers who have extensive experience in Python and Data science training and also have very good teaching skills.

We will ensure that by our our training our students are capable of getting a job on their own before arranging the recruitment drives.


  1. Introduction: What is Data Science?
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis and the Data Science Process
  3. Three Basic Machine Learning Algorithms
  4. More Machine Learning Algorithm and Usage in Applications
  5. Motivating application: Filtering Spam
  6. Why Linear Regression and k-NN are poor choices for Filtering Spam
  7. Naive Bayes and why it works for Filtering Spam
  8. Data Wrangling: APIs and other tools for scrapping the Web
  9. Feature Generation and Feature Selection (Extracting
  10. Meaning From Data)
  11. Recommendation Systems: Building a User-Facing Data
  12. Product
  13. Mining Social-Network Graphs
  14. Data Visualization
  15. Data Science and Ethical Issues

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