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Placement Services

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when your training does. Our comprehensive Placement Services are designed to help you transition seamlessly from classroom learning to a rewarding career in the retail industry. We leverage our extensive network of retail partners and our reputation for excellence to connect you with top-tier employment opportunities.

Partnering for Your Success

We partner with a diverse range of retail companies, from small-scale to large corporations, ensuring a broad spectrum of opportunities for our graduates.

The growth ladder

Placement Services apart is our holistic, personalized approach to career advancement. Unlike generic placement services, we offer tailored career counseling, bespoke resume building, and targeted job matching, ensuring that each graduate finds a role perfectly suited to their skills and ambitions.

“Quality Software Technologies’ Placement Services transformed my career path, providing me with personalized support and connections that led to a managerial position in a leading retail company within just three months of graduation.

– Riya Rawool

Our Placement Process

1. Personalized Career Counseling

  • Overview: Receive one-on-one guidance from our experienced career counselors who will help you identify your strengths, set career goals, and create a tailored job search strategy.
  • Benefits: Personalized support to align your career path with your skills and aspirations.

2. Resume Building and Interview Preparation

  • Overview: Craft a professional resume and prepare for interviews with the help of our expert advisors.
  • Benefits: Stand out to employers with a polished resume and gain confidence with mock interviews and constructive feedback.

3. Job Matching and Referrals

  • Overview: Get matched with job opportunities that fit your skills and career goals. We actively refer our graduates to our network of retail partners.
  • Benefits: Access exclusive job openings and increase your chances of landing a position quickly.

4. Networking Opportunities

  • Overview: Attend networking events, job fairs, and meet-and-greet sessions with industry professionals and potential employers.
  • Benefits: Build valuable connections that can lead to job opportunities and career advancement.

Success Metrics

  • Placement Rate: 85% of our graduates secure employment within six months of completing their training.
  • Employer Satisfaction: 90% of employers report high satisfaction with our graduates’ performance.
  • Alumni Network: Join a thriving network of over 1,000 successful alumni working in various roles across the retail industry.

Unlock your Success with QualitySoftech

Ready to take the next step in your retail career? Contact our Placement Services team to learn more about how we can help you achieve your career goals.