Master Java Frameworks

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is concurrent, class-based, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. This is one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications.

Java Frameworks Training Course

JAVA as a Career Option

Java programmers develop business and Web applications for a variety of platforms Java programming language is used to develop complex web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is also used to develop the embedded device’s applications. Java allows for fast processing in games, software applications, and utilities for the Internet, as well as computer and mobile devices.

The free-of-cost availability of this language reduces the expenses of the companies, which is why, most of them prefer to appoint professionals, who are experts of Java.

Java Course

This is a complete course in Java + Advanced Java + Project & Framework with Project.

The candidate gets a certificate that the candidate has completed the course with a project in Java. Java Training Course helps students get a base of programming language. Java, which is often touted to be the best programming language is available free of cost right from the beginning. Getting the student to be well trained in Java Programming skills for an easy entry into the IT Industry. Quality Software Technologies is one of the Best Software Testing Training Institutes in Thane to provide High-Class Training and Placements.

Hibernate Training Course
  1. ORM Overview, Hibernate Overview, Hibernate Architecture, Environment Setup & Configuration, Sessions Persistent Class
  2. Mapping Files
  3. Examples (Creating Pojo Class, Create Database Table, Creating Mapping Configuration File, Creating Application Class, & Compilation & Execution)
  4. O/R Mappings, Annotations
  5. Query Language with Example & Cache Query
  6. Criteria Queries Native SQL
  7. Caching
Spring Training Course
  1. Overview, Architecture, Environment Setup, Hello World Example, Bean Scopes, Bean Life Cycle, Bean Post Processors
  2. Injecting Inner Beans, Injecting Collection
  3. Beans Autowiring
  4. Java-Based Configuration, Annotation-Based Configuration
  5. Event Handling, Custom Events
  6. Web MVC Framework
Struts Training Course
  1. Introduction, Basic MVC Architecture, Struts Framework features, Strut 2 Architecture, Struts Configuration
  2. A simple example of Hello World, Struts 2 Value Stack / Object Graph Navigation Language (OGNL), Create Actions
  3. Create Multiple Actions, Struts 2 Framework Interceptor
  4. To Create Custom Interceptor
  5. Result Types, File Uploading in Struts 2 Framework
  6. Using Exception Handling, Localization, Annotations
  7. Validation Controls, XML based Validation Controls
  8. Struts Control Tags, Struts Form Tags, Struts Data Tags
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