Java Technology

From laptops to mobile phones, Java is the most common application software used around the world. The job opportunities and future scope for a Java expert are endless.

Benefits of learning Java

To build desktop based GUI using Java Application console base programme using Java Application, database applications, Web Applications using Servlet and JSP

Core Java Content

  1. Fundamentals of Java
  2. Operators and assignments
  3. Flow control
  4. OOPs concepts
  5. Exception Handling
  6. Multi threading
  7. Java Language Package
  8. File IO
  9. Serialization
  10. Externalization
  11. Collection
  12. Map
  13. Generics
  14. Enum
  15. Garbage Collection
  16. AWT
  17. Swing
  18. JDBC

Advanced Java Content

  1. Why use servlets and JSP
  2. Web Application Architecture
  3. Being a Servlet
  4. Introduction to JSP-1
  5. Conversational States
  6. Advance JSP
  7. Introduction to Expression Languages
  8. Building your own custom Tag Library
  9. Deploying your web App
  10. MVC (Model View Controller), Web Frameworks
  11. JSP in J2EE
  12. Enterprise Java Beans



  1. ORM Overview, Hibernate Overview, Hibernate Architecture, Environment Setup & Configuration, Sessions Persistant Class
  2. Mapping Files
  3. Examples (Creating Pojo Class, Create Database Table, Creating Mapping Configuration File,Creating Application Class, & Compilation & Execution)
  4. O/R Mappings , Annotations
  5. Query Language with Example & Cache Query
  6. Criteria Queries Native SQL
  7. Caching


  1. Overview, Architecture, Environment Setup, Hello World Example,
  2. Bean Scopes, Bean Life Cycle, Bean Post Processors
  3. Injecting Inner Beans, Injecting Collection
  4. Beans Autowiring
  5. Java-Based Configuration, Annotation-Based Configuration
  6. Event Handling, Custom Events
  7. Web MVC Framework


  1. Introduction, Basic MVC Architecture, Struts Framework features, Strut 2 Architecture, Struts Configuration
  2. Simple example of Hello World, Struts 2 Value Stack / Object Graph Navigation Language (OGNL), Create Actions
  3. Create Multiple Actions, Struts 2 Framework Interceptor
  4. To Create Custom Interceptor
  5. Result Types, File Uploading in Struts 2 Framework
  6. Using Exception Handling, Localization, Annotations
  7. Validation Controls, XML based Validation Controls
  8. Struts Control Tags, Struts Form Tags, Struts Data Tags

Java Projects

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