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The Importance of Software Testing in the IT Industry — Things You Should Care About

Software testing is thought of as a comparatively less realized field mainly by students when it comes to growth opportunities but is the exact reverse in an actual software development cycle. If you too are unsure, weather if software testing is a good field for you or have other relating doubts then this is the perfect article for you to browse!

Today, we are going to explore various aspects of this quality assurance field and will examine if this is a perfect domain of work for you to get in or not.

What Is Software Testing — Use Cases And Importance

Two people talking about a graphical design on his computer
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Software testing is the process of verification and validation of the software by finding the defect from the software to deliver a quality product to the customer. Think of it like this: Developers build a fully-fledged software with all the groundbreaking functionalities and the software is now ready from their side but yet not production-ready because there are chances of several bugs & security loopholes.

Whenever a software application comes out, no matter which programming language, framework or technology stack is used to build that — many great features of the application opens up the doors to many bugs and security issues that seriously need to be addressed to search, detect and fix those bugs, that is what Software Testing is in a nutshell.

No matter the size or type of software application there’s always a need to ensure the quality and security, which you might have already figured out so far.

Necessitate Of Software Testing — Future Needs and Upcoming Industry Demand

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A production-ready software is never complete without it being fully free of bugs and other possible threats as no one wants to consume such an application. This gives a massive reason why software testing is a critical part of any development method. That being said, last many years found a major involvement of testing as the main step in the software development process.
Choosing Software testing as a career is always going to be a great deal for the candidates. On top of that, it is a very interesting and innovative job profile.

Testing is the attainment of software to identify a bug.

Job & Growth Opportunities & in the Software Testing Field

A person holding a microcontroller peice and looking at an android phone display
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Testing is now more than just a need with the growing demand for best class products and with major IT trends such as big data analytics, cloud technologies, mobility, and virtualization. In recent times, testing is seen as a good professional career for many.

Software Testers are the only people who win customer trust by performing good testing and making the software application most potent. This job is not only to find the bug from the application but it is ensuring customer satisfaction which is the top priority in the whole software industry.

Getting a job role as a Software Tester is not that big of a task because of such a huge demand in the industry.

Summing Up — Final Words

You’ve made it to the end, we hope this article answered all your doubts related to Software Testing. If you have any other queries, please let us know in the comments of this Medium post.