Usability Testing in Thane

Usability Testing

With profound knowledge of business, technology and UX trends, and experience in multiple industries, we assess easy and clear is your solution for end users from the following aspects:

Navigation and structure: we assess how easy it is to navigate your application and help to identify complex, unclear, and inconvenient navigation components.
Workflows and scenarios: we test how a solution’s usability influences performing basic and advanced tasks, ensure that a user can complete the scenarios doing operations in your application.
Content accessibility: we assess how convenient the arrangement of GUI elements is, whether text and background colors are suitable, check the compliance with such standards as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Section 508, if applicable.

UX audit

The scope of our usability audit includes an information architecture review, detecting interactive pain points, UI defects and performance issues, and preparing recommendations to improve your application.

Our usability audit comprises the following stages:

  1. Investigation of the solution based on app or web analytics to discover the main scenarios of user behavior.
  2. Checking a solution’s structure and navigation: identifying if an application structure and navigation are logical and clear for end users. Potential problems may be indicated, for example, with web statistics. It helps identify a very high rate of search functionality usage, a high rate of users browsing through a long list of categories before reaching the endpoint and more.
  3. Detecting the problems with web usability and design based on the following guidelines and principles:

    • - Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
      - WCAG 2.0
      - Web Usability Guidelines
      - Feature inspection
As a result, we prepare a detailed audit report with detected usability issues and barriers categorizing them depending on the level of severity and giving recommendations to mitigate and overcome them.

Usability Testing Important