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ISTQB Preparation (Sub Tab) Explanation on full page :

International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification is recognized all over the world. It certifies that the Candidate has expertise over Software Testing concepts. ISTQB Training prepares the candidates for the ISTQB certification.

For a testing professional, programmer or manager, holding an ISTQB certificate demonstrates expertise in the best practices and key concepts of Software Testing.

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The course consists of following Certificates

  • Preparing for ISTQB Certifications
  • Sample ISTQB Certification Question and Answer
  • Mock ISTQB Certification Test

Fundamental of Testing

  • What is Software Testing
  • Why is Software Testing
  • Testing Principles
  • Fundamental Test Process
  • The Psychology of Testing
  • Sample Exam Question

Testing throughout the Software Life Cycle

  • Software Development Models
  • Test Levels
  • Test types: the target of Testing
  • Maintenance Testing
  • Sample Exam Question

Static Techniques

  • Review and the test process
  • Review Process
  • Static analysis by tools
  • Sample Exam Question

Test Design Techniques

  • Test Organization
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Plan
  • Adhoc testing
  • Estimates
  • Test progress monitoring and control
  • Identify Test cases and Designing test cases
  • Category of Test Design Technique
  • Specification-based or Black-box based Techniques
  • Structured-based or White-box based Techniques
  • Experience Based Technique
  • Choosing a Test Techniques
  • Sample Question

Test Management

  • Test Organization
  • Test plan, estimates and strategies
  • Test progress monitoring and control
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk and Testing
  • Incident Management
  • Sample Question

Tool support for Testing

  • Effective use of Tools: Potential benefits and Risks
  • Introducing a Tool into Organization
ISTQB Examination Schedules

Foundation Level

SrCertificationLevelExam DatesDetails
1ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level01.11.2020
2ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level08.11.2020
3ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level15.11.2020
4ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level22.11.2020
5ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level29.11.2020
6ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level06.12.2020
7ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level13.12.2020
8ISTQB-CTFLFoundation Level20.12.2020

Agile Tester Level

SrCertificationLevelExam DatesDetails
1ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level01.11.2020
2ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level08.11.2020
3ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level15.11.2020
4ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level22.11.2020
5ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level29.11.2020
6ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level06.12.2020
7ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level13.12.2020
8ISTQB-CATEAgile Tester Level20.12.2020

Advance Level

SrCertificationLevelExam DatesDetails
1ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level01.11.2020
2ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level08.11.2020
3ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level15.11.2020
4ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level22.11.2020
5ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level29.11.2020
6ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level06.12.2020
7ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level13.12.2020
8ISTQB-CTFL-(TM & TA & TTA)Advance Level20.12.2020
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